“The Impact of Welfare Reform and Public Sector Spending Reductions on Low Income Households in Hampshire”

A report produced by Christina Beatty, Tony Gore and Ryan Powell, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University

“To view a short video by Christina Beatty and Mark Mitchell on key points from the research click here

April 2011

Changes to the benefit system will have huge impacts for many of those currently receiving benefits, while spending reductions mean higher levels of unemployment and reductions in support services. This research identifies, as far as is possible at this stage, the potential impact of the different changes to benefits, numbers and groups who could be affected across Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

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“The impact of welfare reform on households in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton”

The Bill Sargent Trust, a Hampshire action research charity commissioned the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) to examine the actual and potential impact of key elements of benefit reforms on households in Hampshire.

CRESR has used recently released census and updated government data to expand and update their original research published by the Bill Sargent Trust in April 2011.

The financial loss in Hampshire of the reforms will be just over £400 million per year, equivalent to £360 a year for every working age adult in Hampshire.  The cumulative impact of the reforms will have severe consequenses for many low income households in Hampshire.

The 100 page report maps the impact of benefit changes across Hampshire including Portsmouth and Southampton.  It looks at the differntial impact on different districts and small areas.  It demonstrates the impact of changes in housing benefit including the local housing allowance, ‘Bedroom tax’ and non-dependant deductions.  It identifies numbers affected by the benefit cap and the major changes in incapacity benefits and disability living allowance.  Finally it outlines the impact of council tax benefit changes, tax credit, child benefit and one percent uprating of working age welfare benefits.

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